Industrial Quick Connectors

For over 25 years, ARaymond’s research and development team have been designing innovative quick assembly solutions for fluid on the automotive industry. Specialising in robust, reliable and safe assembly solutions designed to meet industry standards and key market trends, ARaymond has the largest range of Quick Connectors currently available on the market.


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Robust connections

Renowned worldwide for our commitment to producing the very best quality products tailored to our customer’s specific requirements, our in house engineers and industrial experts have created a brand-new Quick Connector for the potable water treatment market to provide long-term leak prevention for circuits. ARaymond Product Development Engineer Quentin RABUT explains that the Industrial Quick Connector is a breakthrough product thanks to several key features including the ease of use and robust connections that ensure the connectors can be reused and repositioned as needed. He went on to explain that by using the experience gained in the automotive industry, ARaymond guarantees that each Industrial Quick Connector is 100% functionally leak tested and certified for use with potable water applications.


Value-added solutions

A value-added solution for the industrial market, ARaymond’s easy Quick Connectors have been designed to optimise assembly within the plumbing circuit and replace expensive and complex operations such as brazing, self-gripping and screwing during assembly procedures. Ideal for use in tight spaces where access is too limited to allow for traditional tools or where visibility is reduced, the Quick Connectors require no specialist tools or training to install and emit an audible click to confirm that they are fitted correctly. Featuring a streamlined design, the Industrial Quick Connectors can also help to reduce shipping costs and enable OEM to ensure packing line efficiency.



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Providing optimal performance

Quentin RABUT adds, “The Quick Connectors use a retaining spring for a quick and secure connection once attached. To facilitate installation, the Quick Connectors produce a distinctive click to confirm that they are fitted correctly. Connection is safe and easy, reducing assembly time for cost-effective installations or replacements within potable water circuits. Additionally, the Quick Connectors can be removed and reinstalled as needed and the design allows for free rotation that prevent twisting and damaging pipes.”


To learn more about the ARaymond Industrial Quick Connectors or any of our fastening and assembling solutions for sanitary and plumbing systems, please contact us for more information