ARaymond News

Date : 02/09/11

ARaymond Tinnerman involved in energies and industrial markets

ARaymond Tinnerman in Flemingsburg, Kentucky is very excited about its new challenge: getting into the energies (solar) and industrial markets. Thanks to the manufacturing of a part which is 90 inches long and formed on each end, the company is now involved in these two new markets. All employees look forward to moving into the industrial… [+]

Date : 06/19/06

Creation of a A Raymond-Walraven joint-venture

For the A Raymond group, the desire to achieve the successful and sustainable diversification of industrial activities is a long-standing idea ...   A Raymond SARL started this adventure in 1990 in the construction sector, with a commercial division and then subsidiary RAYFIX (1999), responsible for distributing previously existi… [+]

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