High-Strength Retaining Rings – a superior fastening solution

Date : 01/17/17

Sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest. When it comes to efficient design, ARaymond™ high-strength retaining rings are leaders in their category. Made from corrosion-resistant 300 Series Stainless Steel, high-strength retaining rings are a long-life product which ensure a tight hold where it’s needed most.

Living up to ARaymond Tinnerman’s reputation as a supplier of innovative and adaptable fastening systems, this product family recently rose to the challenge of a conveyor component manufacturer who needed a fastener capable of meeting a 1,500 pound pull-off requirement. Unable to source the part from  their traditional supplier, the manufacturer turned to ARaymond™ high-strength retaining rings. The rings not only offered the necessary retention but ARaymond Tinnerman was also able to adapt them to meet the manufacturer’s size specifications, allowing them to use the rings very effectively on the conveyor application.

Available in a wide-range of sizes from 2mm to 50mm and with a straight-forward design, high-strength retaining rings give a superior hold on smooth shafts or studs and easily adapt to all types of applications from hand tools to furniture and electronics. Cost-effective and easy to use, ARaymond™ high-strength retaining rings are the perfect solution for a wide range of fastening requirements.


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ARaymond High Strengh Retaining ring

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