Making more of the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo

Date : 11/15/16

There are some events you don’t want to miss. For ARaymond Tinnerman*, National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo is one of them. As the premier fastener show in North America, gathering worldwide manufacturers and distributors, it is not just a place to be: it is a place to get even better and hone your offer.
For a few years now, we have been dedicating extra time before the event with a distributor centered day to make the most of the gathering.

Our distributors’ challenges are our challenges

To remain innovative and focus on directions that are truly relevant for our customers, we don’t hesitate to strengthen our bonds with our distributors, whose value go well beyond the mere delivery factor: as our distributors’ challenges are their customers, and we take pride in making them ours too.

Requests and answers

There is no better way to set the future than to get a clear picture of the past. To trigger added-value discussions, we went through a presentation of our 2016 activity showing how we’d accommodated their 2015 requests.
In terms of promotion, we showed that a more integrative and coherent marketing campaign gave them an opportunity for co-advertising, and improved web activity gave them leverage to better inform and serve their clients.
In terms of service, a vastly improved catalog (almost increased by 300%) was put in place to answer logistical needs.
Finally, the meeting gave us the opportunity for a recap on our new product lines:  a much appreciated new cable management system, as well as an increased product offering of fan balance clips (eliminating noise and vibration in industrial fans).

Investigating 2017 and the future together

Pre-orders are now open for more product lines, which the need for had been previously express by our distributors.
Among them, a much welcomed new U-nut  Speed Nut® will allow our distributors to cover more application at once with an easier to install part enhanced  by improved ergonomics and versatility, and demanding less application force. Good news too: it costs no more than the one it replaces.
The interactive presentation together with the meetings that followed opened discussions on the product lines ARaymond Tinnerman is investigating for the future.
And this is where feedback is so important: while many of the solutions required were on our radar already, some came as a surprise.
Our commitment to follow up on those and research solutions is a good indicator of our involvement for our distributors whose success depends on their customers’, just like ours.


ARaymond National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo


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* ARaymond Tinnerman means in this article A.RAYMOND TINNERMAN INDUSTRIAL, Inc. - 1060 W. 130th Street, Brunswick, OH 44212- USA (Registered N°: 02609G), which is the editor of this article and is responsible for it


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