How to build ties in confidence ?

Date : 10/18/16

Building relationships with confidence

Any expanding company has experienced this: the more you grow, the more connections you make and the stronger you want your relationships to be.

Of course, it all depends very much on value. So how can you be sure you are building solid relationships?

At ARaymond Industrial*, we believe in a “good business vision” criteria.

Partnering with companies who share similar ideas on what ‘good business’ means is essential to building long-lasting relationships.

In our case, ‘good business’ is partly defined by its relevance in the market and its ability to respond effectively, as well as by the efficiency of its products. It’s all about bringing added-value to the table.

So when we decided to partner with SD Products, TFC and Jet Press it was not just because they were willing to distribute our products, it was because they relied on our expertise and customer-oriented solutions.

When SD Products, TFC and Jet Press showcase our partnership in their newsletters, and  tell us they are proud to name ARaymond Industrial as a partner, it is an example of our growing relationship. As for us, we are equally proud of our bonds, they are strong and always value oriented.

As UK privileged distributors of ARaymond™ fasteners and components they have sent a clear message to their customers:  that of significant added value.

* “ARaymond Industrial” ”We”, “us” means in this article ARaymond Industrial S.L., RM Barcelona Tomo 43761 Folio 163 Hoja B437597 NIF B66012691 Ctra. de Manresa Berga Km 0,5 08272 SantFruitos De Bages, Spain, which is the editor of this article and is responsible for it and which has a license of use of trademark.
ARaymond™ is used as a trademark.
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