Modularity, or how to solve numerous problems at once – The case of ARaymond™ modular cable clips

Date : 10/07/16

When dealing with assembly or just any industrial process, some situations just feel like a mind-twister. It’s often the case when they involve trying to find a homogenous answer for items that differ a lot in terms of dimensions, orientation and so on.

It happens for example when one needs to assemble heterogeneous tubes and pipes. To help experts find their way around this common issue, our research has led us to favor modularity.

Indeed, what better way to answer diversity than to let open the possibility of modularity in the assembly process?

 The ARaymond™ modular cable clips consist in female and male parts that can be combined to become tailor-made fasteners. We have developed a wide range of clips in terms of diameters and design configurations and added a swivel function and a multiple assembly possibility for the clips to be compatible with multidirectional mountings, parallel cables and multiple routing.

By turning cable management challenges into cable management optimization, the solution is not just more efficient. It also offers significant time saving during:

  • the design phase: no need to design specific parts,
  • the industrialization phase: no lead time for the mold,
  • the manufacturing phase: no assembly tool required.


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