Closer to our clients with the 2016 ARaymond industrial product catalog

Date : 06/14/16

How can we* better prepare the future of our clients? We believe – at ARaymond Industrial - two things can make a difference: acknowledging existing successes and taking a close look at needs to come up with new valuable solutions. Our offer follows this principle, as both existing and new clients will be able to appreciate with the release of our new ARaymond industrial catalog.

Available in print version, PDF and online, the 2016 catalog makes it easy for industrialists and distributors to get an overview of our products and select them according to their needs. 

ARaymond Industrial Product Catalog 2016

Carrying on with standards

With a selection of more than 600 items from among the 25,000 ARaymond™ standard references, the new industrial catalog offers direct access to our most frequently used fastening and assembly solutions for industrial use.

Clients looking for products they have been relying on over the years will be able to find them in the section dedicated to their needs: assembling, protecting and finishing or connecting.

Naturally, the ARaymond industrial catalog includes all of our best seller products, such as universal cable clips, lugged grounding clips for panel edges and edge mounting cable ties.

While keeping innovating

Innovation being one of our core values, we keep adding new ARaymond™ products to our line of offer each year. They either answer newly identified needs in rapidly changing environments or come as alternatives to existing but unsatisfying solutions on the market. This year, three of our most welcomed new designs include palnuts, grounding clips to fix on a stud and removable plastic rivets by unscrewing.

Beyond the catalog

We are here to develop industrial agility. Our experts can provide valuable insight through assembly line-walks and offer technical support by pointing at existing solutions in our range of standard products.

And when improvement cannot be reached through a product already featured in our catalog, we bring forward new ideas and propositions, often leading to the production of custom parts designed with one goal in mind: to increase productivity.

* We, ARaymond Industrial” refers, in this Article, to ARaymond Industrial S.L., RM Barcelona Tomo 43761 Folio 163 Hoja B437597 NIF B66012691 Ctra. de Manresa Berga Km 0,5 08272 SantFruitos De Bages, Spain, which is the editor of this Article and is responsible for this Article and has a license of use of trademark.
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