ARaymond™ Retaining rings go for added strength

Date : 05/19/16

When looking to solve a push-on fastener need, you naturally want a part that delivers on retention. ARaymond™ High- Strength Retaining Rings are designed with just that in mind.

Whether used in conveyor roller systems, small hand tools, toys, or electronic devices, their low profile design makes them ideal for applications where space is limited. But while their profile is low, their retention is high. With a rigid interior, grooveless retaining rings form a tight hold that will not spring free.

ARaymond™ High-Strength Retaining Rings

Their strength resides not only in force, but in quality as well. Made from 300 series stainless steel, these rings offer both long-life and corrosion resistance. The benefits of the use of such steel extend to eliminating the need for any additional finishing processes. .

Designed for a smooth unthreaded shaft or stud and with a full range of sizes available (from 15mm to 50mm) high-strength retention push-on fasteners succeed in answering a wide variety of fastening needs, including the replacement of high cost parts such as snap or bearing rings and cotter pins.

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