ARaymond Industrial connects with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and distributors at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2015

Date : 04/16/15

Latest cost-saving assembly solutions attract interest of OEMs at top trade show for fastener technology
ARaymond team introduces the latest assembly solutions to manufacturers

ARaymond Industrial* demonstrated assembly and fastening solutions that enable manufacturers to achieve significant productivity improvements at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2015, the world’s number one exhibition for the fastener and fixing industry.

The fastener supplier showcased products and technologies designed to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from a wide range of industries.

“In the past 15 to 20 years OEMs have improved or replaced all the core components of their products in order to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve quality,” said Stéphane Guillarme, European Sales Manager, ARaymond Industrial.“Many of them, however, are still using the same outdated assembly methods.

“Now we are seeing more and more of these OEMs, the end users of our products, approach ARaymond Industrial in search of fastener solutions that make assembly tasks quicker and easier to help them reduce their labor costs.

“We can prove to customers that by using a clip instead of nuts and bolts or rivets the assembly time for one part can be reduced from, typically, 20 to 10 seconds, an important cost saving.

“When you consider that labor can make up to 60 per cent of the total cost of production for some machinery, it is clear that investing in smart, user-friendly fasteners offers significant productivity improvements.”

Besides cutting manpower costs, the latest ARaymond™ clips, fasteners and connectors also bring added-value benefits in terms of weight reduction, simpler quality control, more efficient logistics and lower recycling costs.

“Our assembly solutions improve productivity through reducing TCO, not just labor costs,” added Mr Guillarme. “This is vitally important for manufacturers in Europe if they are to remain competitive in the face of the growing number of rival suppliers from low-cost countries..”

ARaymond Industrial engineers can work along side OEMs to redesign components and adapt manufacturing processes so they can achieve the highest levels of productivity possible, quality, reduce workers muscle strains from using either its standard or bespoke fastening solutions.

Fastener Fair Stuttgart, was attended by more than 800 exhibitors from 42 countries. The show, held over three days in March, attracted 11,000 visitors keen to discover the latest trends and developments in fastener and fixing technology.

A regular exhibitor at the Fastener Fair , ARaymond Industrial show cased among other things, adapters for cable ties and clips used in different industrial equipment for cable management (boilers, air conditioning, home appliances, white goods,etc.). And also a wide range of cable clips including the ARaymond Universal Clips that support different tubes diameters with a “push and click” automatic closure.

Mr Guillarme said: “By appearing at Stuttgart we were able to raise our brand awareness and remind our customers that ARaymond Industrial has a comprehensive portfolio of metal, plastic and metal-plastic or hybrid fasteners. It was also a great occasion to highlight the 150th anniversary of ARaymond**.

“A large number of OEMs from diverse industries visited our stand and met up with representatives from our sales forces fromGermany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.

“The show was also a useful opportunity to identify new potential markets for our products and reinforce relationships with some of our key retailers and distributors.”

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*“ARaymond Industrial” refers, in this Article, to ARaymond Industrial S.L., RM Barcelona Tomo 43761 Folio 163 Hoja B437597 NIF B66012691 Ctra. de Manresa Berga Km 0,5 08272 SantFruitos De Bages, Spain, which is an independent company of ARaymond Network and is the editor of this Article and is responsible for this Article. **“ARaymond” and “ARaymond Network” mean a network of independent companies which have a license of use of trademark.
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