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Date : 10/22/14

ARaymond Industrial launch dynamic new global website
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In many respects, the launch of a brand new industrial website by ARaymond Industrial* couldn’t have happened at a better time. This dynamic new site demonstrates the expanding horizons of ARaymond Industrial, show casing its international expertise in fastening and assembly solutions to a global audience. Launched at the beginning of August, the site took six months to develop between initial preparations and going live.

The site is aimed at two specific audiences, as Aurélie Hongre – marketing project manager at Raygroup**- explains: “It’s targeting original equipment manufacturers who need to reduce their total cost of ownership, while meeting demanding quality requirements. It’s also aimed at industrial distributors who wish to grow their business thanks to the many services we can offer them.” These services range from logistics to product training and sample bags, across a spectrum of standard products and bespoke custom-made alternatives.

The new industrial website draws on marketing and technical information, as Raygroup Communication Project Manager Asa Aberg points out: “We have links to a selection of our standard products with easy access to the American catalog, to the Indian offer, or to the new European e-catalog, where you can find any products we have in stock. The new content involved a lot of teamwork between managers, sales representatives and marketing people – we’ve all been working on it together.”

Aurélie points out the new industrial website’s ease of navigation: “The website is user-friendly, with a clear structure and direct access to the video gallery where several videos help explain product applications. It provides news and agenda updates, and also practical information. Users can download documents about any kind of subject, from PDF catalogues to quality certifications. We can also receive customer questions and comments via the contact pages, to understand their needs and serve them better.”

This new industrial website will soon be available in a variety of languages beyond the initial English and French versions. Future options will include German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish, reflecting the importance of these nations to the global manufacturing sector.The additional languages will enable even more prospective clients to learn about ARaymond Industrial, while discovering the benefits of customized solutions developed by the engineering services team.

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*“ARaymond Industrial” refers, in this Article, to the independent companies listed at and that are the editor of this ArticleLtdAvenida Comendador Joao Lucas, 555 Distrito Industrial CEP 13.280-000 Vinhedo -  Sao Paulo ,  Land Parcel  #19, Ding Mao Sub-area –New area - Zhenjiang 212009, Jiang Su,
** Raygroup means Raygroup SASU- RCS Grenoble 487 947 483 – 113 cours Berriat, 38000 Grenoble, France, which is the support company of ARaymond Industrial
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