ARaymond Industrial catches the eye at Fastener Fair Hannover

Date : 05/06/14

Innovative showcase helps attract customer prospects in new global markets
ARaymond INDUSTRIAL products testing by visitors at the Fastener Fair Hannover (April 2014)

ARaymond Network**, one of the worldwide leaders in fastening and assembly solutions, is set to strengthen its position in the industrial market through the participation of ARaymond Industrial* at the Fastener Fair Hannover, which is part of Hannover Messe, the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology.

At the trade show, which took place on April 8-10, ARaymond Industrial showcased a wide range of products that can be used in industrial sectors such as HVAC and white goods, and attracted several new customer prospects from across Europe and several other parts of the world.

Marion Cuisnier, industrial product manager, explained that Fastener Fair Hannover helped ARaymond Industrial continue to build its European presence.

ARaymond Industrial had the opportunity to meet with a large number of German companies, including OEMs as well as several of the big German distributors.

The main area of the ARaymond Industrial booth featured standard products - primarily plastic, metal and assembly parts - from the ARaymond Industrial catalogue.

Separate from the main display, a testing area gave visitors the opportunity to interact with some of the ARaymond™ products, by fixing them to different elements to illustrate the purpose of the products.

Marion Cuisnier says “we developed our booth to make our products accessible to the visitors as they could have the different parts in their hands and test them out, giving them a much better understanding of the different applications of each product.”

A further separate part of the booth showcased the ARaymond™ engineering expertise, using a number of products to illustrate how ARaymond Industrial can develop engineering for customized products.

Patrick Argast, industrial sales engineer, explained that as well as current customers, several potential new customers from different global markets visited the ARaymond Industrial booth. “As well as connecting with our current customers, it was important to gain new customers from this show, which will help us break into new markets” he said.

“The Fastener Fair Hannover has proved to be an important event in developing our recognition in the industrial market, and helping establish the reputation of the ARaymond™ products beyond the automotive market.”

ARaymond Industrial will be present at the biennial Fastener Fair Stuttgart, with the next edition taking place on March 10-12 2015.

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ARaymond INDUSTRIAL booth at the Fastener Fair Hannover (April 2014)

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