Creation of a A Raymond-Walraven joint-venture

Date : 06/19/06

For the A Raymond group, the desire to achieve the successful and sustainable diversification of industrial activities is a long-standing idea ...


A Raymond SARL started this adventure in 1990 in the construction sector, with a commercial division and then subsidiary RAYFIX (1999), responsible for distributing previously existing or newly developed home manufacturing.

Despite initial success and a real interest by retailers and end-customers, results were disappointing, activity stagnated and successive losses followed. The lack of reputation, the modest size of the company, combined with the lack of dynamism in customer habits did not allow RAYFIX to acquire a solid and long-term position in this activity.
However, the potential was real, this high-volume market regularly demonstrates its ability to accept and absorb attachment products "with added value" on a long-term basis, if you have the right recipe….
Certain actors, manufacturers or distributors are highly successful and on a long-term basis, therefore, since 2005, our managers had listened to all proposals and serious opportunities in view of providing a future for this sector of diversification.  The starting point of the following was the launch of the Attache Tigre in 2005 and the referencing of this item for the REXEL France market, despite the abundant competition of more traditional attachments.
One of the competitors was the WALRAVEN company.
WALRAVEN is a Dutch company located in a suburb of Amsterdam.
This industrial company manufactures soft steel supports, rails and collars in 4 factories in Europe. Collars are assembled with sound insulators.
It holds an extensive catalogue of full solutions with plastic and air-hardening steel.
This company provides European distribution for plumbing, sanitary equipment and heating and intends to extend its range for electric installers.  The company has a turnover of approximately 50 M EUR and holds high market share in Northern Europe, Germany and Eastern Europe.

The strong reputation of A Raymond and the newly launched products for Rayfix encouraged the directors of WALRAVEN to collaborate with A Raymond which, in addition, is specialised in the complementary products in plastics and air-hardening steel required by the former.

The aim of WALRAVEN was to install a distribution centre in France, and then in Southern Europe in order to acquire an identical level of penetration in these countries as in other countries in Europe.

After four highly concentrated meetings, on 12 April 2006 the two partners reached the signing of a Joint Venture with 50% "RAYMOND WALRAVEN" and 50% "WALRAVEN".

It must be noted that WALRAVEN already generates 3.4 M EUR in France which, when added to the 2.5 M EUR of RAYFIX, allows the company to reach an adequate size to remain in the panels of its main distributor customers and ensure the profitability of local installations.

In addition, WALRAVEN will distribute A Raymond ranges throughout Europe via its existing subsidiaries.

The motivation of this partner, the accumulation of the complementary ranges, and the provision of two customer portfolios, should give these construction activities a future and lead to higher industrial volumes, creating a source of additional activity for the group.

The installation of this Joint Venture will occur on the site in TECHNISUD and activities are due to start on 1 September 2006.


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