Innovation Exploration General Electric

Date : 03/12/14

ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial* (ARTI), in cooperation with GE Appliance Purchasing, conducted the first ever Innovation Exploration at two GE white goods manufacturing locations last fall.
fastening systems and bonding solutions

The first event took place in Appliance Park (Louisville, Kentucky). For three days, representatives from ARTI (fastening systems and bonding solutions teams), Rayconnect** and Rayce***  engaged GE engineers, purchasing managers, plant personnel and cost estimators with exciting connection innovations.

GE took ARaymond**** personnel on manufacturing tours of the facilities that build washers & dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers.

GE participants embraced ARaymond personnel and spent many hours on the floor explaining their assembly methods and requesting our help and input with connection issues. Over the three day event, more than 75 design and “cost-out” engineers visited, establishing new and promising working relationships.

The following month ARTI travelled to LaFayette, Georgia to meet with GE Roper personnel. Roper Corp. is a subsidiary of GE Appliance and Lighting. The first half of the day was spent working with more than (25) engineers intent on improving cycle times and reducing costs in their current assembly processes. The afternoon proceeded to an intense line walk with the lead buyer, stopping at all the specific areas of need.

In total, the Innovation Exploration was very well received. GE Purchasing was impressed with our current products and new developments. ARaymond will return next year for a second Innovation Exploration event in Apr-14.

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manufacturing tours of the facilities that build washers & dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers


* ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial means in this article A.RAYMOND TINNERMAN INDUSTRIAL, Inc. - 2600 Auburn Road - Suite 160 - Auburn Hills, MI 48326 - USA (Registered N°: 02609G)Rayconnect means in this article ** RAYCONNECT, Inc. - 2350 Austin Avenue - Suite 100 - Rochester Hills MI 48309 - USA (Registered N°: 48280C)
*** Rayce means in this article RAYCE AMERICAS, Inc. - 2600 Auburn Road, Suite 120 - Auburn Hills - Michigan 48326 - USA (Registered N°: 02661P)
**** ARaymond means in this article the companies listed above and which are independent companies of ARAYMOND Network
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