ARaymond India
A global approach, a dedicated production site

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ARaymond India: a global service

A state of the art production facility in India inaugurated in October 2013, illustrates our commitment to our customers and suppliers for our long term belief in the industrial market in India. ARaymond India provides a global service approach from product concept to the assembly process for its global and domestic customers in India. 

Production site

The current capacity of the plant is 8 injection molding machines and expansion up to 29 molding machines is possible. We manufacture and provide various fastening solutions like panel clips, cable straps and tape on clips, pipe/cable clips for interior and exterior panels, and Quick Connectors for water application. The Pune plant will focus on manufacturing custom-made products for all its local clients.


ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial, Inc. Receives NorthCoast 99 award for third time!  [+]

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