ARaymond and industrial distributors
Strong partnerships

Creating strong partnerships with our distributors of industrial fastening systems

Distribution network

Within the framework of its global approach to the industrial market, ARaymond relies on a large distribution network. Essential ambassadors of the ARaymond™* brands, the distributors are our front line strategic partners. Selected for their reputation, their location, their specific areas of expertise and their dedication to maximum customer satisfaction, they provide optimal coverage of the industrial market.

Strategically planned for the long term, these ‘win-win’ partnerships provide distributors with support for growth and facilitate their commercial strategy. In addition to the prestige conferred by the ARaymond™ brand, distributors also benefit from:

  • a team of experts,
  • on-site client support,
  • sales training,
  • a product catalog,
  • promotional tools,
  • optimized delivery.

ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial, Inc. Receives NorthCoast 99 award for third time!  [+]

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