Expertise and skills in the service of manufacturers
Expertise and skills in the service of manufacturers
Expertise and skills in the service of manufacturers

Intelligent assembly solutions for industry

Within its worldwide network, ARaymond Industrial* designs, develops and markets fastening systems for industrial customers around the world. 


Capitalizing on its recognized know-how in the field of fastening and assembly for the automobile industry, ARaymond* adapts to the specific needs of the industry. Whether directly with the manufactures or through a network of distributors, ARaymond accompanies its customers for the optimization of their assembly process, with the following objectives:

  • provide innovative assembly solutions enabling its customers to reduce costs,
  • build long-term partnerships with manufacturers and distributors,
  • place the values that have created the strength of the ARaymond network at the service of the industry: technical expertise, quality and innovation.


The development of ARaymond Network** is based on solid know-how, uniting expertise and key skills competencies.


Three major fields of expertise: intelligent fastening by clipping, fluid connections and adhesive solutions for assembly.


The industrial expertise of ARaymond is based on 5 main skills: engineering and services, the transformation of metal, plastic injection, the production of adhesives and assembly.


ARaymond Network possesses an advanced R&D center, Rayce, created in 2009. Present worldwide, it numbers companies in the USA, Europe and Asia. Whenever an ARaymond company identifies a new opportunity or wants to improve a product or a solution, the project is shared with Rayce, where the process of innovation begins – by creating or adding value to the materials, technology or integration process.
The teams of engineers and scientists work in an open environment, promoting direct interaction. The spirit of collaboration is a key factor for innovation.


ARaymond Network companies are committed to a QSE policy (Quality Safety and Environment). Engineers, technicians, and quality control managers have a daily commitment to optimize ARaymond product quality and to make it a standard of excellence.


ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial, Inc. Receives NorthCoast 99 award for third time!  [+]

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