Fastening solutions adapted for industry

A world player for fastening and assembly systems, ARaymond Industrial* develops and markets intelligent solutions specifically designed for the industrial market. Household appliances, electrical equipment, lighting, heating and ventilation… whenever an assembly line is present ARaymond* works hand in hand with industrial customers to develop optimal assembly solutions for the needs of these markets. 
Whether with manufacturers or through a solid network of distributors, ARaymond builds long-term partnerships with its customers. By associating its technical know-how with the industrial expertise of its partners, ARaymond develops innovative fastening solutions simplifying the manufacturing processes and reducing costs.

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Standard fastening solutions

Two catalogs, each referencing 500 preferred fasteners to respond to the standard requirements of European and American industrial customers, which can be completed if necessary by the ARaymond global offer.
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Customized fastening solutions

A team of engineers and experts to design customized solutions for assembly challenges.
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ARaymond Industrial expansion nuts or snap-in nuts are a type of self-retaining threaded nut that can be used in a wide range of applications.

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ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial, Inc. Receives NorthCoast 99 award for third time!  [+]

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